Saturday, August 7, 2010


(who can name these skylines?)

into the great blue yonder

when i was a teenager, and embarking upon my first ventures out of the great northern state i call home, i was absolutely terrified. terrified and convinced that leaving was the right thing to do, provided that i could always come back.

starting roughly a year ago, i set in motion a chain of events that would see me traveling many more air miles than i ever had in the past. between breaking up with a boyfriend, visiting my family, landing a kickass internship, meeting another boy and plunging into a long distance relationship, more visits to family and boy, and plans for trips across the globe, i'm experiencing a lot more travel than i thought i ever would (willingly). now, i'm getting on planes happily, looking forward to voyages that i know will end with myself and someone(s) i care about deeply wrapped up in an embrace. it's a good feeling.

guess it's all in perspective.

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