Sunday, August 8, 2010



my talisman of protection,
hanging heavy around my neck,
doesn’t do anything except:

fake me out,
fool me,
let me pretend.

but that’s good enough for me,
as long as i’m not musing
about my imminent fiery death.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

consumerism gush

carhartt waterproof jacket

3mm pink diamond nostril screw in rose gold by maria tash

catalina yacht, more sailing lessons...

many kinds of lovers

danae, klimt, 1907. from wiki: "danae was a popular subject in the early 1900’s for many artists; she was used as the quintessential symbol of divine love, and transcendence."


there once was a young woman
who thought that she was the One.
he thought she was Wrong.
she knew she was Right,
and became her own lover;
it was all much easier after that.


a common theme within the mystic traditions of many religions is finding the divine within yourself, the infinite and transcendent within the limited body and mind. these paradoxical qualities coexist within the soul, caught in sweet tension with each other. so maybe if we are loving ourselves, we are also loving beyond ourselves.


(who can name these skylines?)

into the great blue yonder

when i was a teenager, and embarking upon my first ventures out of the great northern state i call home, i was absolutely terrified. terrified and convinced that leaving was the right thing to do, provided that i could always come back.

starting roughly a year ago, i set in motion a chain of events that would see me traveling many more air miles than i ever had in the past. between breaking up with a boyfriend, visiting my family, landing a kickass internship, meeting another boy and plunging into a long distance relationship, more visits to family and boy, and plans for trips across the globe, i'm experiencing a lot more travel than i thought i ever would (willingly). now, i'm getting on planes happily, looking forward to voyages that i know will end with myself and someone(s) i care about deeply wrapped up in an embrace. it's a good feeling.

guess it's all in perspective.